The Magical Stories Of Precious Gems

smoky quartz

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and all other colored gems –all rendered unique by nature– spring to life in the romantic jewelry designed by Hit & Fit Gems for the queens of the 21st century. Each gemstone with its color, special meaning, story, talisman, and beauty is special. Would you like to join us exploring the magical world of colored gemstones through romantic,

Diamond: All through history due to their unique beauty and rarity the king of all gems diamonds are believed to have magical powers. The reason for this belief was its durability and resistance to fire. According to the Ancient Greeks, diamonds were tears of Gods and for Romans, they were pieces of stars. Diamonds are known to protect from negative energy. The word diamond comes from the word “Adamas” in Ancient Greek which means unconquerable. It is the hardest gem on earth. What a perfect symbol for everlasting love and loyalty.

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