Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Years of Gemstones

anniversary gift guide

Each wedding anniversary calls for the perfect gift, which is jewelry. What about the years in between? You’ve certainly heard that the customary gold represents your first and fiftieth wedding anniversaries. Every anniversary, in our opinion, is a big occasion deserving of jewellery. Enjoy a piece of jewellery that is as special and one-of-a-kind as each year of your marriage as you mark your anniversary. You may find the ideal piece of jewelry for every occasion by using Hit Fit Gems’ gift guide for anniversary jewellery.

The First Ten Years: Beginning Your Journey Together

The first ten years of marriage are frequently seen as the most enjoyable. You are engrossed in developing fresh family customs and establishing enduring memories. Give your spouse a gorgeous piece of jewellery to show them how much you value each of their first five years together.

1st Anniversary: Gold

Wear exquisite gold jewellery to commemorate your marriage’s successful first year. It is highly flexible due to its understated elegance and will soon become a piece of jewellery they never leave home without!

Gold looks stunning on its own or when combined with any gemstone. Gold can be used to spruce up an outfit for a night out or to add a casual touch to an ensemble for “on-the-go.” Give her an item so versatile that she can essentially always wear it and look stylish. You simply can’t go wrong with such a timeless and important piece, making it an obvious choice.

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

The striking red gemstone garnet encourages self-assurance, continually reminding your partner of the close relationship the two of you enjoy. Because each stone has a unique chemical makeup, garnet jewellery can come in a variety of colours in addition to the traditional bright crimson. The consistent crystalline structure reflects light to give any ensemble the ideal amount of glimmer. Give her a magnificent gemstone in any hue so she may shine and be fearless.

3rd Anniversary: Pearl

The most exquisite, adaptable, and fundamental piece of jewellery in any collection is the pearl. It completes a refined look and can be added to an ensemble to dress it up for a night out. The deep water is where the pearl is painstakingly created. Give a present that is as thoughtful, unique, exceptional, and significant as your marriage.

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

A useful stone that is both attractive and energising is blue topaz. Any piece’s owner is overcome with peace by its elegance. We are all aware of the need of taking a break from a busy day.

Topaz jewellery is a must-have because to its accessibility and wearability. It enhances a look with such beauty without dominating it. It complements a wide variety of other jewels beautifully. Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, and London Blue are the three blue hues that topaz is available in. From aquamarine to a darker blue tone to an electrically vivid blue, these hues are all different. These lovely blues will make a lovely present for anyone.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

With sapphire jewellery, you can remind your sweetheart of your unwavering commitment to them despite other life changes. A sapphire’s deeper blue represents security established on the firm basis of your five-year relationship.

Sapphire has long been regarded as one of the most cherished gems. This mysterious stone was prized by royalty. It yet retains its elegance while being applied to daily life. Do you recall the coarse polishing compound used on emery boards? That is sapphire, no problem. Purchase some sapphire jewellery today for jewellery fit for a queen that will come in useful for casual wear.

6th Anniversary: Amethyst

Who wouldn’t desire some magic in their union? She feels like royalty thanks to the ethereal purple of the amethyst jewellery, which has a magical quality.

This diamond was prized in ancient societies for its alleged therapeutic properties. Amethyst, which is closely related to spirituality, faith, and wisdom, literally translates to “not drunk” in Greek. With its calm purple hue, this stone exudes safety and stability. Its enduring popularity raises its significance, yet its accessibility makes it the ideal gift for celebrating your committed marriage while also feeling regal.

7th Anniversary: Onyx

Despite the fact that black onyx jewellery is notoriously well-liked, onyx is a gemstone that appeals to all different preferences thanks to its versatility. A jewellery line can be updated with onyx while staying true to a timeless design.

Onyx is frequently dyed to intensify the colour, particularly since the stone is banded when it is in its natural state. The sculpture can be styled by adorning the surrounding metals with the rich, deep hue. Despite being unique and unlike any other piece in the collection, it will marvellously go with anything. With this essential item, the collection will receive a dash of variation.

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline

Tourmaline’s wide range of colour combinations work nicely together to produce celestial pieces that are sure to express a unique sense of style. Who wouldn’t desire a piece of tourmaline jewelry to complete every look?

It is the gemstone with the widest range of hues. According to a myth from ancient Egypt, the stone passed through and sent the rainbow descending to Earth. Make a statement by giving her an item as special as your spouse.

9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

The magical attraction of lapis lazuli’s royal blue adds variety to all of the pieces because it is the earliest gemstone known to have been worn and admired. Give your lady a precious stone that reflects your devotion to her.

For the first eye shadow and an early oil paint pigment, lapis lazuli was mashed up. They are a fantastic complement to necklaces or earrings because they are frequently carved into beads or en cabochon. Because they tend to be softer than other stones, be cautious when purchasing them in rings or bracelets. The intriguing and appealing dark blue makes the ideal gift to symbolise over a decade of ongoing mutual learning.

10th Anniversary: Diamond

With exquisite diamond jewellery, you can express to your wife how much you value your time spent together. Make sure your tenth anniversary sparkles…like a diamond! Diamonds create timeless items whose sparkle and sheen speak for themselves.

Blinded by its stunning beauty, many people don’t consider a diamond’s amazing story. Through eruptions and time, diamonds have slowly but surely reached a surface that is accessible to man. They can then mine the land and find the beauties buried within chunks of carbon. Diamonds are beautiful but are so because of the time and effort it takes to curate them. This is representative of your last decade together. It hasn’t always been smooth, but you have made something beautiful and worth celebration through love and dedication to one another after so many years.

11th Anniversary: Turquoise

The wearer of turquoise jewellery will feel like the king or queen of the home because to the jewelry’s energizingly colourful aura. With its soothing blue, it promotes serenity, but its electric hue gives that same blue a strong, recognisable quality to any work.

One of the first gemstones to be mined was turquoise. People have appreciated and wanted the stunningly vivid blue since 4000 BCE. Dark veins on the stone are frequently created by cutting it with copper or iron. The wearability of such a vivid stone is enhanced by the more rustic appearance that turquoise frequently possesses. It is the ideal, unique present for your partner of eleven years!

12th Anniversary: Jade

Beautiful green jade is a bold and empowering material that will give your spouse confidence boosts for years to come. The delicate quality of the gemstone balances the vivid colour to keep the jewellery item delicate.

Jadeite and nephrite are the two types of jade. Most people prefer it in a deep jadeite green colour. Jade has traditionally been associated with wisdom and peace in East Asian culture. It was also thought to have restorative and safeguarding properties. Whatever its metaphorical significance, the pure, bright green colour promotes tranquilly. The ideal gift is jade because it will undoubtedly make your spouse happy and relaxed.

13th Anniversary: Citrine

Do you feel that your wife deserves some attention? Jewelry made with citrine is the way to go! It will undoubtedly glow like the sun when exposed to light. The zest of citrine’s colour, a happy hue for a joyful anniversary, is nicely complemented by the deep gold metal.

The quartz family’s most popular member is citrine. Citrine provides proof that it develops from the pressure and heat-induced transition of amethyst. The stone is also claimed to drive away unfavourable energy from a person or an area. Who could be depressed while gazing at a stone that evokes the sun’s warmth, after all? Citrine is ideal for bringing enthusiasm and positivity to a person and her collection.

14th Anniversary: Opal

Opal is the adaptable gemstone that complements all colour schemes without overpowering another piece thanks to its wide range of hues and tones. But don’t ignore it; it will undoubtedly have something to say on its own.

A masterpiece in Ethiopian opal silver jewelry. It really is like wearing a rainbow when you wear it. Each individual bead has a wide variety of hues, making it adaptable and compatible with any colour scheme. Any ensemble will gain personality and style from it. The queen of all jewels, opal is ideal for the head of your home.

15th Anniversary: Ruby

Rubies, the symbol of smouldering passion, are the ideal gift to give your husband to express how much the past 15 years have meant to you. Rich ruby jewellery is essential for every lady since they should project the same inner strength as they do on the exterior.

Ruby has long been regarded as having a connection to life’s blood, making it a symbol of knowledge and strength. The crimson of the stone is striking and makes a statement. However, because it is embedded in jewellery, it has an elegance that prevents it from being too overbearing in its demand for attention. Your loved someone will think of you and feel confident wearing this lovely outfit.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

Twenty years with your life partner! The ideal jewellery to mark this achievement is emerald jewellery. It inspires passion and desire, reminding your partner of the love you two have enjoyed for the past 20 years.

Emerald has long been a gemstone that has attracted power and attention due to its exquisite green hue, which stands for immortality and an endless spring. Because of its timeless beauty, it has come to be associated with immortality. It is frequently worn on red carpets or by historical figures from the past, like as Cleopatra. Even the fabled stone from the Wizard of Oz narrative was utilised to build the magnificent Emerald City. For the sake of ensuring that it never goes out of style, this stone certainly keeps up with pop-culture trends. Purchase her a forever stone to represent the last 20 years of your everlasting union.

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee Embedded with Tanzanite

Give something unique that is related to this achievement. A silver jubilee is defined as “the twenty-fifth commemoration of a significant event,” thus this is the ideal way to commemorate 25 years of marriage. Combine that with tanzanite, a stunning gemstone that is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds, to create a present that will be fit for the occasion.

Due to its relatively recent discovery, tanzanite jewellery may not have a lengthy past like many other gemstones. That more than makes up for it, though, with its breathtakingly gorgeous shine. The stone is enigmatic because it changes hue based on the sunlight and angle at which it is seen. It swept the gem-world by storm with its growing demand within a year of discovery. Get this brand-new, in-demand gemstone to symbolise the next stage of your marriage, which will begin once you have been married for 25 years.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

Wear timeless and classic pearl jewellery to commemorate your 30th anniversary. You are adorned in elegance and grace by pearl jewellery, which brings the magnificent grandeur of the sea to land. They serve as a metaphor for the love and memories you have built over the past thirty years with their many layers.

Seriously, pearl is the most elegant and adaptable gemstone and is a must-have for any collection. It should be presented at both the third and thirty-first anniversaries because it is so important. The fact that it has timeless origins and can be jazzed up with any other combination makes it everyone’s favourite gemstone. With such a classily infamous style, you just can’t skip giving her this gift because she will never get tired of it.